I am a full time high school physics teacher and part time photographer based in Truro, Nova Scotia. My interest in photography started when I was a high school student and editor of my school's yearbook but over the years it has grown into a full fledged addiction and also a home business. I owe a great deal of thanks to family and friends in my life who have provided a tremendous amount of help and support along the way. They have done everything from putting my first DSLR camera in my hands one year at Christmas to volunteering themselves, their children, and their pets as subjects to help me build my portfolio and improve my skills. Without them I could never hoped to turn my love of photography into more than just an expensive hobby.

As a high school teacher I have opportunities to shoot many school sporting events, musicals, group photos, candid photos, and anything else that might happen in the run of a school day. However, my primary focus as a photographer is portraiture. As a dog person I am especially drawn to canine portraiture and for the last couple of years I have volunteered my services to the Colchester SPCA by photographing all of their adoptable dogs and helping them run several pet portrait fund raising events. Being fortunate enough to have two very special dogs in my life, it brings me great personal satisfaction to help their wonderful pups find deserving human companions.

Thank you to Natasha for turning the camera around on me and taking the above photo while saying "Just one more" about ten times.